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NBSS pupils End of year concert


Summer Term

Next event

July 6th, 5pm

End of Year Concert

The Coton Centre


Past events

NBSS prides itself to offer its pupils the most versatile musical education which includes many different performance opportunities that children to not necessarily get elsewhere.

We do not know of another studio anywhere else in the Midlands that offers a similar range of events that we offer.


To give you an idea of the variety of events NBSS pupils have been participating in, have a look at the examples below. Some, like the Guinness World Book of Record attempt (and success!) were a one off, other, like our Tour, are reoccurring in regular intervals.

Guinness World Record

Guinness World Record performance

11th June 2014

Sutton Coldfield

The Parade

We are ready!

NBSS pupils Busking
World Vision busk

We raised money for World Vision by doing an official busk for children in need. The kids made posters and we busked in various groups throughout the town centre.

NBSS pupils at Sutton Expo
Sutton Expo

We have now been part of this lovely event for two years in a row and are proud to be asked to represent what is going on in the town of Sutton Coldfield.

Simon's resting place


we miss you as part of our group

but you are in our hearts 

when we play

rest in peace, superhero

Kimichi Festival winners
Kimichi Festival

We had a lovely day at Kimichi school with a lot beautiful performances, many of which made it to the winners concert.

Leamington Spa Festival performance
Leamington Spa Festival of Music

A fabulous day with lots of chamber music too. Congratulations everyone!

Germany Tours

Group photo




Group photo

Harry Potter workshop

As the biggest Harry Potter fan, it was a pleasure to organise not one, but two amazing wizarding Harry Potter workshops over the years!

Chamber Music Performance
Chamber Music

Every autumn term we come together for chamber music - duets, trios and quartets which are then presented in our Christmas concert.

Playtogether pupils

We always participate in the Midlands New Year's playtogether as well as holding our own smaller playtogethers throughout the year

Special events

Christmas Concert players

Review Challenge

1000 Day Practice Challenge

Suzuki Gala RAH

End of year concert performance

We have six main concerts a year: Our End of Year Concert in July, the Christmas Concert in December and three Solo Concerts - one each term.

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto rehearsal
Steph's young soloist concert
NBSS pupil
NBSS pupils
NBSS pupil
NBSS pupil
NBSS pupil
NBSS pupil

Super attendance families


Never missed a lesson all year round!!!

Benedetti session rehearsal



Concert Hall
Oscar Rieding 

Biggest Congratulations to

Georgina for winning a silver award and

Tiara for winning a gold award

in their respective age categories


Streetly Methodist Church Eco Festival 2021

In loving memory of


A wonderful lady and supportive Suzuki parent, kind and caring at all times.

Here is one last piece for you as you are leaving us <3 

Rest in peace. We miss you.

Peace Concert.png

NBSS JustGiving Fundraiser

We raised £1600 for DEC to help Ukrainian refugees! Thank you to everyone who stepped in to make such an amazing event possible with less than 10 days preparation! Head over to the gallery to watch the highlights of the night!

St James Church, Sutton Coldfield B75 5BW.png

Demi Trust Charity Ball 2023

Aston Villa                  Holte Suite


Lichfield Greenhill Bower 2024


The Parade


Lichfield Greenhill Bower 2024


The Community Stage

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