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The Henry and Jane Mitchell Scholarship


Thank you to everyone who applied in this first year of the scholarship -

all applications were very good and showed great commitment. 

2018 was the first year we were able to award this amazing scholarship to one of our pupils. The violin belongs to Henry's son (who is also called Henry) who started off as a Suzuki parent with me, but then got inspired and picked up the violin again himself and has since completed his ABRSM grade 8, joined the Lichfield Sinfonia and has almost finished Suzuki book 8. We are so very grateful that he allows our pupils to play this absolutely beautiful sounding violin with its a warm and inviting tone while they are saving up to buy their own first 'proper' violin.

After going through the applications thoroughly and having a meeting of the scholarship committee to discuss them, it was decided that the violin be awarded to Kurtis for the next 18 months.

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