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About NBSS

At North Birmingham Suzuki School  we believe that every child has natural ability and is able to thrive and learn in the correct learning environment.  Our teachers, who are all  qualified Suzuki teachers, work together with the children and their families in order to create this environment to not only produce high quality musicians, but most importantly, well-rounded human beings

Parents  attend the lessons and share the learning process with their child to develop and strengthen their bond, as well as grow into the role of being the 'teacher at home' and lead the daily practice sessions. We offer instrumental lessons on  violin, viola and piano - please click on the relevant link in the menu above to find out more about the Suzuki philosophy and method of education.

As well as having individual lessons, the children also attend group classes where they learn together with others and work on ensemble skills, team building activities and technical work on their instruments. Many of them become good friends and their social skills develop as they grow and progress through the program.


Coming from all different backgrounds, they learn a lot about each other and many of their friendships last for life. Additionally, in group lessons, there is the opportunity for chamber music of all kinds and participation in music festivals, competitions and orchestras such as the Birmingham Central Ensembles as well as the National Children and National Youth Orchestras.

We also offer additional classes such as Kodaly musicianship and Dalcroze Eurhythmics in which all musical concepts are taught and learned through movement based activities involving the whole body. These classes have shown great success with children of all ages as they do not only improve their musicianship but also develop gross and fine motor skills, coordination, listening and team work. They are great fun for the children as they involve mainly the senses that are underused in today’s day to day life: kinaesthetic and aural learning.

For more information about the classes that NBSS offers, please click on the menu at the top of the page or contact us here.

NBSS pupils

Suzuki is more than just a thoroughly good musical beginning. It has been extremely positive for our children’s social and emotional development. The frequent group sessions and Suzuki workshops have given the children the chance to mix with others and be part of a musical community.


Austin, Suzuki parent

Star Wars outfits

On entering the Suzuki school a few years ago I feel my children are supported and cared for with regards to their learning. I have seen their music ability progress steadily so that they are able to be not only more musically able but also more confident.

Being able to play part of a group as well as individually in front of an audience is important and Verena has ensured this from a young age.

As a non musical Suzuki parent I have developed in my own musical ability over time and I am now able to read music as well as support my children more in practice time. 

Jyoti, Suzuki parent 

Leamington Spa Music Festival winners

It’s really fun because I get to play violin with lots of other children around my age. Verena adds games, team challenges and supplies prizes and treats! The violin tour to Germany was awesome.

Georgina, 10, pupil

End of Year Concert 2018 Group

I have been a member of NBSS since I was 4 (I am now 12) and have loved every minute of it. We do concerts, tours to other countries, chamber music, competitions and lots more! Verena has been my teacher since I first started 9 years ago. She has helped me, inspired me, and is a great teacher. She encourages me to work to my full potential and sees the best in every child.

Annie, 12, pupil

Hoe Down

We have been part of NBSS since the children were very young and the Suzuki method is a great way to learn.  We have a huge repertoire of memorised pieces and the skills are learnt to a very high standard. We use games during lessons and practice time which helps to make learning fun. Being part of the Suzuki family has allowed us to travel to Germany on tour and also to play with other musicians around the city at workshops and at the Royal College of Music in London. Verena motivates the pupils and inspires them to try something new and to achieve what they may have not seen as possible. 

Emma, Suzuki parent

Playing violin in the snow

Music definitely brings people together, and my children are very proud of their 'Suzuki circle'.  It develops their social skills, as well as the ability to listen to and accept the different interpretations players hold for a common piece of music.

Amarjit, Suzuki parent

“We all have unlimited shortcomings. Yet one way of seeing things is to consider our lives as a time frame that allows us continually to work at changing our weaknesses into strengths. This, I must say, is an intriguing task.” 
 Shinichi Suzuki, 
Nurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education

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