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NBSS pupil demonstrating good posture

Shinichi Suzuki, founder of a unique Education Programme which has now become a worldwide method of teaching, recognised the astounding ability of any child to learn complex language structures simply by imitation. He subsequently developed a violin method based on ability training right from the start (the 'mother tongue method'), aimed at children as young as three years old and going on over the course of several years until they go off to university.

All Suzuki teachers are specially trained over the course of several years and hold qualifications from their respective National Suzuki Institutes, therefore guaranteeing a high quality education for your child. The teachers at NBSS are all highly qualified Suzuki trained teachers and have many years experience.

Suzuki lessons

Verena teaching finger placement

The programme includes both individual and group lessons and later, for the more advanced players, orchestra and chamber music. One parent per child must be present in both the individual and the group lesson. Individual lessons range from 20 minutes for the very young children up to 60 minutes for the most advanced players. Group lessons vary in length, depending on what is scheduled for each session but are usually between 45 and 60 minutes long.

There are a number of quality string instruments available for loan at a small charge, ranging from 1/16 to 1/2 size - please ask for details. Advice on violin makers and local music shops which sell suitable violins for students will also be given and is included in your welcome pack should you decide to enrol for the programme and we are happy to come with you and advise when it comes to picking out your first advanced instrument. We have a long standing relationship with Tim Toft violins in Stone who offer a fantastic service and have been so kind to sponsor a number of our events. We greatly appreciate their support.


As a pianist you will need your own piano. A keyboard will not be sufficient as it does not provide the touch we need, nor the sound. There are piano loan schemes from a number of retailers and we are happy to advise on this. Pianists also need a footstool as small children need to rest their feet appropriately to acquire the correct posture right from the start. All details for either chosen instrument will also be in your welcome pack which will furthermore provide detailed information on the required music and other books, as well as in depth information on the Suzuki method, including a reading list and other additional materials.


For more information please click on the respective links at the top of the page or get in touch via the contact page to inquire about free spaces and prices. We are happy to answer any questions and visitors who would like to come and observe lessons are always welcome!

Solo concert piano performance

*Most importantly*


Suzuki lessons should be a happy experience for the child, teacher, and parent. The child is learning a brand-new skill and their soul is unfolding through the process. Each student is a miracle, and they are embraced as a whole person. Teachers are to teach in a way that not only produces skill, but also tenderizes human hearts. Process is emphasized first, then skill. Suzuki places the emphasis not on mechanical instruction, playing notes, rhythms or bowings, but rather on the joy of the process of becoming a violinist and a better person. If the process is beautifully done, the result will be beautiful. Music has an amazing power in the human soul, to soften and sensitize and produce compassion and caring. Music destroys barriers between people. One heart at a time, Suzuki teachers seek to change the world not by producing merely professional musicians, but more caring and more compassionate and more alive adults.

Germany Tour sunny day
Germany Tour concert ready

"Verena has a wonderful  way with Grace - praising her and always being positive! Playing the violin has given Grace real confidence. Noone would have thought that she would play in front of an audience, but she has, on many occasions, in school assemblies and in two annual concerts."

Sarah, Suzuki mother

Relaxing at Kimichi prep weekend

"Verena is a talented musician and excellent teacher.  She employs a variety of teaching strategies to ensure the learning point is understood, provides invaluable advice on practice and motivational techniques and always ensures that students work to achieve the highest standards. She has a great working relationship with students, and again varies her style according to age, learning style and complexity of the piece being worked on."

Amarjit, Suzuki mother

NBSS pupil

Verena is a wonderful teacher and not starting lessons with her earlier was a mistake. She understands teenagers, keeps them interested and turned my two girls into two competent violinists. They both achieved distinctions in their ABRSM grade 8 examinations and I am chuffed to bits!

A. Deathridge, Suzuki parent

800 days practice certificate

Verena is an excellent violin teacher. She knows her students very well and has a very disciplined yet encouraging teaching methods that spur her students on. It is great to see my son achieving high standards of violin playing by simply adhering to her teaching lessons and practising daily at home. My son enjoys his weekly lessons as well as the group lessons. 

S. Ting, Suzuki parent

NBSS pupil demonstrating good posture

Verena has been my daughters violin teacher for 4 years, since she was 5 years old. She has enjoyed learning through the Suzuki method, and looks forward to her lessons, musicianship and group. Verena is an excellent teacher who has passed on her love for music, so much so that my daughter is determined to be a musician. Violin is no longer something she does, but a way of life. Thank you Verena.

T. Hylton, Suzuki parent

What others say

Piano strings

"Knowledge is not skill. Knowledge plus ten thousand times is skill."

 Shinichi Suzuki, Nurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education

Piano strings

"Talent is not inherited. All the world’s children could be brought up singing out of tune."

 Shinichi Suzuki, Nurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education

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