Congratulations to the winners of our Suzuki violin quiz during our 2021 New Year's Playtogether.

1st place

Zoe and Alex 27 points


2nd place

Annie 25 points


3rd place

Anna and Sophia 21 1/2 points


4th place

Ayana 21 points

Our virtual Solo concerts have been a fantastic experience for the players and went much better than we all expected. We did one for the pupils and one for the grown ups and we all had a lot of fun. It was great seeing to many parents accompany at the piano and otherwise everybody being so organised and confident operating the tech side of things! Well done everyone!

Driveway group lessons have been going well for this first half of autumn term and we have been extremely lucky to have had good weather on each of the dates we needed it! However, winter is closing in and we now need to find a new, Covid safe solution. The kids were so happy to be playing together again and it was great being able to make live music together <3

With Covid still going strong we had to make the difficult decision not to pursue chamber music this autumn term. This is very disappointing for a number of young players who tell me they always love playing with their friends and sitting on the coloured boxes. But safety has to come first. As soon as we can, chamber music will be back on offer!

We have found a lovely new venue for our group lessons at Streetly Methodist Church, only around the corner. The rooms are very inviting and we are pleased to support an Eco Church that is heated by a biomass boiler. We will be playing at their Eco Festivalon the 26th of September 2020, come along to hear us!

The 2021 Review Challenge has started and so far pupils have presented wonderfully prepared repertoire. We have also had the first submissions of cover pages for the review book (in which we organised the pieces by tracing a number of techniques throughout the repertoire of book 1 to book 5) - these will be shared on here as soon as we have all pages.

We recently went to Tim Toft Violins again to purchase some more advanced instruments for some of our pupils. It is always a pleasure to be there and try the lovely violins and we came home with two beautifully sounding 4/4 violins and a fabulous 3/4 violin. We are also pleased that one 1/2 violin was passed on to another pupil to stay in the school!

Our live Christmas Concert on zoom was very well received with many family members, friends and colleagues logging in to listen from all around the world. The students all looked lovely in their Christmas outfits with all the beautifully decorated Christmas trees in the backgrounds. Thank you everyone for making this such a memorable event. All contributions were amazing! 

The ultimate Media Project is now live on our youtube channel, go check it out! Thank you for everyone's hard work and for submitting your videos. Many new skills are being added to your toolbox during these trying times! Well done for keeping going!

While the weather was kind we were able to enjoy some in person garden lessons which was a nice change from seeing everyone just online. No sound delay or frozen players either! But now winter is closing in and we will have to find a new, Covid safe solution for lessons going forward.

Maybe some outdoor heaters to stay in the undercover area by the barn doors? Ideas welcome....

Congratulations to Priya who won first prize in her school's music competition, as well as best musician overall out of all classes. She was thrilled and received a huge trophy! Also big congratulations to Aila who placed second in her class, playing a beautiful Gavotte. Well done both of you!

Congratulations to Harry for gaining a merit in his ABRSM grade 7 violin. Despite the disruptions with various lockdowns and the exam being postponed he kept focussed and achieved this milestone. He has now set his goal to achieve his grade 8 before going off to university in autumn - we love it when pupils aim to achieve high and will always support this! 

"Where love is deep, much can be accomplished."

 Shinichi Suzuki, Nurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education