Massive Congratulations to all NBSS pupils who successfully auditioned for the Birmingham Schools' Central Ensembles this year. We have had yet again a 100% success rate with 3 pupils joining BSJO and 5 pupils joining BSCO. They are going to have a such a wonderful time with these fantastic ensembles, we are very lucky to have so many great orchestras to chose from in our city!

Congratulations to Georgina who was accepted again into the NCO under 12's for the 2019/2020 orchestra. We hope she has a fabulous time!

A new hoodie and T-Shirt order is being sent off in a few days - so anyone who needs new gear please email me! The more we order, the more discount we get, so it makes sense to order everything together. There are both children and adult sizes available, and you can choose whether you wish to have your name on your T-Shirt/Hoodie or not.

The Christmas concert was a huge success and went smoothly, despite the change of venue. The chamber music groups all showed such good stage etiquette and performed well. Thank you to all the parents who helped set up the cakes and drinks for the get together afterwards. The carols were beautifully played by everyone - well done!

We have found a lovely new venue for our group lessons at Streetly Methodist Church, only around the corner. The rooms are very inviting and we are pleased to support an Eco Church that is heated by a biomass boiler. We will be playing at their Eco Festivalon the 26th of September 2020, come along to hear us!

There will be another lot of NBSS pupils auditioning for the Birmingham Schools' Central Ensembles this year - we have so far had a 100% success rate in auditions and are looking forward to keeping this up. We are fortunate to have such high level orchestras around as it is the best way to gain fluency in music reading and make lots of friends with similar interests!

We recently went to Tim Toft Violins again to purchase some more advanced instruments for some of our pupils. It is always a pleasure to be there and try the lovely violins and we came home with two beautifully sounding 4/4 violins and a fabulous 3/4 violin. We are also pleased that one 1/2 violin was passed on to another pupil to stay in the school!

Come and hear NBSS groups and pupils perform in this years' Leamington Spa Festival of Music on June 20th and June 21st.

We will have 2 group items entered as well as many chamber music performances and solo pieces. We very much look forward to a lovely day out!

Congratulations to Aila and Faith who both passed their ABRSM grade 3 and grade 4 with merits respectively! They worked hard and received very positive feedback. Well done!

What an amazing evening! Steph performed her first movement of the Mendelssohn violin concerto with the Royal Sutton Coldfield Orchestra tonight and truly made everyone proud. She played with beautiful tone, wonderful musicianship and great understanding of the piece and conducted herself in such a professional manner. Proud moment for everyone involved!

Congratulations to Priya who won first prize in her school's music competition, as well as best musician overall out of all classes. She was thrilled and received a huge trophy! Also big congratulations to Aila who placed second in her class, playing a beautiful Gavotte. Well done both of you!

The review challenge 2020 has started and the first beads have already been awarded to each team. This year there will be on reviewing specific techniques and all the pieces featuring said technique. Special marbles, worth 3 points are awarded for correctly identifying the theme for each group of pieces.

"Where love is deep, much can be accomplished."

 Shinichi Suzuki, Nurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education

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