We raised £1642 at our Peace concert for Ukraine! What an amazing achievement with just 10 days of preparation!

We are so proud of all the pupils that took part and worked so hard. We had wonderful contributions - cello, violin, piano, vocals, poems - it was a truly moving concert.

Thank you everyone for your support and your generous donations.

We had the most fantastic time at the Streetly Methodist Church Jubilee afternoon where we played a 45 minute set of music before eating lots of cake and cupcakes! 

The children really brought the afternoon to life and impressed with beautiful, musical playing!

We got such wonderful feedback <3

Tremendous congratulations to Alex, Avraam, Vangelis, Evie, Amber and Pei who all auditioned for the Birmingham Schools' Central Ensembles and got offered places!

We are so proud and ecxited for them to either start their orchestral journey or, in case of the older children, continue it in a new ensemble.

We have 3 more pupils entered for late auditions in September and wish them all the best!

By now, 5 pupils have achieved the 200 day certificate and silver plaque for their daily practice!

Firmly on the way to the big trophy for reaching 1000 days!

Their little markers are going round our little fairy light chain in the music studio, which ash 100 segments, so it is lovely to see their progress visually as well as hearing it of course!

Keep up the good work everyone!

Congratulations to Alex, Amber, Thea an Sophia who are blazing a trail of excellence for NBSS all gaining distinctions in their recent practical and performance examinations with marks as high as 98/100. I had the privilege to watch these performances before sending them off for marking and was blown away by the excellent preparation and beautiful musicianship <3

The Baroque Rock Concert was a huge success and everyone enjoyed our renditions of Metallica, Coldplay and Green Day. We will definitely keep these pieces in our repertoire! It was a great opportunity for the kids to play different repertoire than usual and a learning curve to be accompanied by Rock Band!

We recently went to Tim Toft Violins again to purchase some more advanced instruments for some of our pupils. It is always a pleasure to be there and try the lovely violins and we came home with two beautifully sounding 4/4 violins and a fabulous 3/4 violin. We are also pleased that one 1/2 violin was passed on to another pupil to stay in the school!

The Baroque weekend was a big success with a wonderful performance of the Bach double concerto at the end of the two days. All pupils stepped up the challenge and performed beautifully.

It was a privilege to have the Baroque instruments on loan from Tim Toft violins and a great opportunity for everyone to have a go on them!

"Where love is deep, much can be accomplished."

 Shinichi Suzuki, Nurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education